Training Programs.

The training programs are intended for novice trainers who are looking for tips on how to start training work, as well as for experienced trainers who want to diversify their training sessions.

The Training Program is an inspiration and a form of development, each Trainer should use all available resources. Our materials are not meant to be "ready", which you will use during training and forget. When preparing our materials, we want you to modify them, check them, add something from yourself and simply develop them.

What do you gain by buying a training program?

20 ready-made training outlines (4 weeks of work - 5 sketches a week).

Exercise animations (QR code) (animation in ProTrainUp).

80 training exercises (exercises are not repeated).

Training exercise graphics with a detailed description (graphics in ProTrainUp).

The material in the electronic version is available immediately after purchase, you do not wait for your training program. The training program is sent to the e-mail address provided by you.

Sample training plan.

The players are matched in three. Each of them is one of the nukes. One of the three is chasing the other players. Variations: (1) each trio caught catches the next contestants, the trio caught last wins. (2) They all run away on their own, but after being caught by three nukes, join the teammates as quickly as possible and start catching other escaping ones.

They all move by jumping on one leg. The person touched by the catching player becomes an additional catch player, chasing other players but sticks to where they were touched.

There are two-color cones (red and blue) in the corners of the pitch. Players freely guide the ball in different directions (but make sure the player is driving the ball, not the player’s ball). At the coach’s signal (determines the color), the player must bring the ball to the correct color as soon as possible.

A 1v1 game with no goalkeepers. The coach passes the ball to the blue player, whose task is to win a 1v1 duel and score a goal. The task of the white player is to collect the ball and score points. After the action is over, the players move to the end of their rows and the coach invites other players to play 1v1.

Every exercise is alive!

By using the QR code, you can play each exercise animation on your phone. Each exercise in the training programs has an animation – so you can better understand and delegate the task to your players.

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